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Consolidate your debt with CBI FCU by eliminating your high interest credit cards with a FIXED-LOW INTEREST RATE!

If you’re looking to plan for your family’s future, save to own a home someday, or simply build up savings for a better financial future, your credit union is here to help!

How Your Credit Union Can Help

  • Planning for a Better Future – Talk to us about how you can plan to get out of debt so you’re ready to build your savings that much sooner. Consolidating credit card debt can make managing what you owe easier and less stressful. This promotion can get 3.99% APR for 15 months when you transfer an existing balance to our credit union credit card between February 14, 2022 through May 15, 2022.
  • Personalized Service - As a credit union, our number one priority is serving you. The personal connection we share with our members forms the heartbeat that drives our service.

Are you ready to beat your debt so you can save for that bright future ahead?  We’re happy to discuss your options with you.  This limited time offer will help you soar to new heights!