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DocuSign (Electronic Signature)

CBI FCU offers DocuSign.

We are always looking for ways to make it easier to conduct business with us.  We are excited to introduce DocuSign® – a secure, safe and efficient way to sign documents without having to come to our branch.  With DocuSign, documents can come to you anywhere you can receive email.  Whether you are on your computer at work, your tablet at home, or your smartphone on the road, you can sign quickly and easily. Best of all, it’s free.  Loan documents are now available via DocuSign, and we plan to make more of our documents available in the near future.

Here's how it works?

  • When your documents are ready, we'll email you a link to them.
  • Click on the link labeled Review Documents, then check the box for ‘I agree to use electronic records and signatures’ and click on Continue.
  • Once you agree to use electronic records and signatures, you’ll be guided through the documents to review and click to electronically sign and initial.
  • After reviewing your documents, you may create your own electronic signature (no special tools or software needed) or choose from a selection of styles provided.  Once you click Adopt and Sign and then click on Finish, both you and CBI FCU will receive the signed document via email.

You can also get started by selecting a form and the "DocuSign" link below, then enter your name and email address. You'll get a confirmation email and then can begin completing the form. Forms are received immediately after submitting, but note it may take one business day for a response from our team.

    eSign Forms

    E-Signature technology lets you access, review and sign CBI FCU documents remotely and securely.  It's free of charge.  You are given the option by our CBI FCU team to use DocuSign depending on the documentation needed.

    • Application of Membership  Join the credit union today and open a Primary Share Savings
    • ACH Debit  Withdrawing funds from another Financial Institution to deposit into your CBI FCU account.
    • ACH Credit Sending money out of your CBI FCU account to deposit in another Financial Institution.
    • Automated Transfer Form  Transfers between accounts that are both held at CBI FCU
    • Domestic Wire  Allows you to send money from your CBI FCU accounts to non-CBI FCU accounts in the United States.
    • International Wire  Allows you to send money from your CBI FCU accounts to non-CBI FCU accounts outside the United States.
    • Loan Application  Apply for a Signature Loan, Auto Loan or looking to carry the CBI FCU VISA Credit Card?
    • Visa Application  Apply for a Signature Loan, Auto Loan or looking to carry the CBI FCU VISA Credit Card?
    • Change of Address  This form is used to update your mailing and your physical address associated with your account.
    • Stop Payment  This form is used to prevent a transaction from clearing your account.
    • CU Check Card  Also known as a Debit Card gives you access to your funds securely to make purchases at any merchant displaying the Visa logo.

    DocuSign FAQs

    What is DocuSign?

    With DocuSign you can sign your documents (applications, loan forms and more) electronically and easily.  When your form or application is complete it is electronically sent to the Credit Union, saving you time, money and gas.  Whether you’re at your home or office, or even on-the-go DocuSign works every time. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it’s legally binding.

    • Please be aware that this process may verify your identity by asking a series of random "out-of-wallet" questions, which may be created from public record and credit databases.
    Is DocuSign Safe/Secure?

    Yes. Protecting your finances is our top priority.  When a form or document contains highly sensitive information, we don’t take risks.  DocuSign offers a comprehensive approach to security to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your forms and documents.  DocuSign meets or exceeds national and international security standards and is trusted by banks, law firms, and large enterprises around the world. Importantly, DocuSign is the only eSignature company in the world in compliance with the U.S. E-SIGN Act.

    What is the U.S. E-SIGN Act?

    The U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-SIGN) Act was signed into law on June 30, 2000. It facilitates the use of electronic signatures and records in interstate and foreign commerce and states that they are subject to the same legal scrutiny that applies to paper documents.

    Do I have to have a DocuSign Account?

    No. A DocuSign account is not required, but can be used to save and view your loan documents until you are able to print or save them to your computer for your records. Your documents will be available through your DocuSign account for 180 days.  By creating an account, the signature you create will be saved and can be utilized for future transactions.  The DocuSign password that you use to set up the account will be required each time you utilize your DocuSign account.

    How do I sign my document without signing into DocuSign?

    On the DocuSign homepage at, click Access Documents at the top. This should redirect you to a prompt asking you to enter the security code at the bottom of the notification email you should have received from the Credit Union.  Enter the security code to access your document.

    How do I create my eSignature in DocuSign?

    The first time you sign a document, you’ll be asked to create your own signature. You can type in your name and select a font, create one with your mouse, upload a scanned image of your pen-and-paper signature, or use a stylus on your Apple iPad or tablet PC. This signature will be associated with a unique identifier so that every document you sign will be recorded as signed by you and you alone.

    How do I know my eDocument was received/submitted?

    Once you have completed and submitted your eDocument, you will receive conformation by email that your request was received by the Credit Union.

    • For all eDocuments, please allow at least one business days for the Credit Union to process your request.
    Where can I find more information about DocuSign?

    For more information, visit their website at

    DocuSign Troubleshooting

    How do I login to my account?

    From the front page, go up to the top of the screen and select Login.  Once you’ve activated your account, you can log in any time.

    What if I never received an activation email?

    First, make sure it did not get routed to your spam folder.  If it isn't there, you can request to resend your account activation email from DocuSign's login page.  Enter your email and password and then click Resend Activation.  If you don't receive an activation email, there's a chance that your activation email is getting caught in your email's filter.  Try adjusting your email preferences and adding DocuSign as a trusted sender.

    Why can’t I login?

    Make sure you are correctly entering in the same email address and password you used to make your account.  If that does not work, or if you are unable to remember your DocuSign password, select the “Forgot your password?” link under the DocuSign log in and enter the email address linked to your account.  You will receive an email asking you to answer the challenge question you chose when you made your account.

    The system says I didn’t pass the ID Check questions. Why?

    The information for the ID check is gathered from public records, and there may be many reasons why your answers differ from those in the records.  If this happens, please give us a call so we can verify your identity using other methods.

    Download (PDF)

    For a print version of the request forms below, click "Download PDF." When complete, please print, sign and deliver the form to our mailing address:  13717 S. Route 30, #157, Plainfield, IL 60544.