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Welcome to CBI FCU. 

It's easy to reach us—stop by our branch, give us a call, or send us a note. We're here for you when you need us.

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    We’re here to answer questions and help you any way we can. Receive easy, enjoyable and effective service through a variety of channels.

    Call us!

    (815) 439-6676
    (800) 699-5417

    Monday- Friday
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Central Standard Time

    Text Us!

    (800) 699-5417

    Fax us!

    (815) 439-5010

    Email us!

    Prefer to Email us? Use our Secure Email if you have to relay personal information details about your account.

    Send an Secure Email

    Write us!

    Prefer to write us?
    Our mailing address is:

    CBI Federal Credit Union
    13717 S. Route 30
    Unit 157
    Plainfield, IL 60544

    Receiving Calls from CBI FCU

    When receiving a phone call from CBI FCU, the caller ID should state the call is from CBI Federal Credit Union, and we will never ask for your account number or Social Security number. CBI FCU never uses machines and recordings to call members, only live representatives.  If you are ever unsure if you are speaking with a CBI FCU representative, hang up and please call us back at (800) 699-5417.  Our members' security is a top priority, so please contact us if you ever feel like something is off from somebody claiming to be a CBI FCU representative reaching out to you.

    Sending E-mails to CBI FCU

    For immediate member service, please email or call (800) 699-5417.  Please note:  This email address should be used for general questions only.  If you have questions regarding your account, or need to send confidential information please use either Virtual Branch or Zix Email which are both encrypted methods to protect your information.

    Important Contact Information:

    ServiceContact Number
    Audio Response(800) 261-2197
    Visa Debit Cardholder Services(815) 439-6676
    Visa Debit Lost or Stolen Cards(800) 472-3272
    Visa Credit Cardholder Services(815) 439-6269
    Visa Credit Card Lost or Stolen(800) 453-4270
    VISA Credit Card 24/7 Lost or Stolen Card(866) 604-0381
    International Credit Card Lost or Stolen(727) 570-4899
    Any Hour Mortgage(866) 392-2309
    Equifax(800) 525-6285
    Experian(888) 397-3742
    Trans Union(800) 680-7289

    Enroll Online With Our Virtual Branch Application

    For the best experience, use the most recent versions available for browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome. Members that try to log in without a compatible browser might be redirected to a website to download a new version of the browser.

    Secure Email

    The CBI Federal Credit Union has partnered with Zix Corp, an industry leader in security technology, in order to establish a method of exchange secured email between the credit union and its members. This gives us a method of receiving sensitive emails and documents from members without the data residing on a non-secured 3rd party email system.

    CBI Federal Credit Union Secure Email User Awareness Program

    The privacy of business communication is important to CBI Federal Credit Union and we want to ensure your information stays private.

    To communicate sensitive information with CBI FCU (such as account numbers, Social Security Numbers, passwords or pins, credit/debit card numbers), please use our secure email service. Regular email is not a secure way to send confidential information.

    To protect consumer data and comply with improved best practice standards, all email communication you receive from CBI FCU containing personally identifiable financial information takes advantage of ZixCorp encryption services. ZixCorp's easy-to-use e-messaging protection makes it easy for you to receive, read and reply to all our encrypted communications.

    Secure messaging ensures against credit card fraud and consumer identity theft. It's also an effective way to conduct financial business.

    How Do I Send the Credit Union a Secured Message?

    If you have never used this portal, you will need to register which will create an account for you. 

    Enroll Now:

    1. Fill in your email address (can be an email address from any provider) and choose a password (following the password rules on the page) and continue to follow the instructions as prompted
    2. Once you are logged in, you will see four tabs. INBOX, COMPOSE, SENT and DRAFTS. To send a document choose COMPOSE if you are uploading/sending the credit union information.
    3. To attach the document click the "Attach File" located directly under the Compose tab. Browse to the file location on your computer and select the file you want to upload. After selecting your document, please make sure to click the "Add File" button. If you have multiple files to upload, please continue the process until all files are listed in the attachment box. When you are satisfied all files are attached click on the "Finish" button to fully upload the email. (You may attach as many as 10 files, up to a total of 15mb.)
    4. Using the drop-down menu in the "TO" field please select the best option on whom to send the document to.

    Receiving Secure Email

    When you receive a secure email from CBI FCU, it resides on our secure email system. Follow the instructions and log in with your password to read and respond to your email. Remember to logout.


    1. Forgot Password/Password Reset- Click the "Reset" button in the "Forgot your password" area. You will be prompted to enter your email address and enter a new password. You will then receive a confirmation email that a contains a link to activate your password.
    2. Locked Out- If you have three consecutive sign in failures you will be locked out for a period of a half an hour. You can reset your password immediately if you choose not to wait the half hour.

    Learn more about CBI FCU’s ZixCorp secure email system at

    Holiday Closings

    We are closed for business in conjunction with the CB&I/ McDermott company holiday schedule as follows:

    2024 HOLIDAYS





    New Years Day
    January 1, 2024MondayClosed
    Good FridayMarch 29, 2024FridayClosed
    Memorial DayMay 27, 2024MondayClosed
    Independence DayJuly 4, 2024ThursdayClosed
    Labor DaySeptember 2, 2024MondayClosed
    Thanksgiving HolidayNovember 28 - 29, 2024Thursday & FridayClosed
    Christmas Holiday December 25 -  27, 2024Wednesday - FridayClosed
    New Years DayJanuary 1, 2024WednesdayClosed

    History of CBI


    On September 17, 1963, 15 employees at the Oak Brook headquarters of Chicago Bridge and Iron volunteered to form CBI (Oak Brook) Federal Credit Union.  Our charter was approved by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) on September 27, 1963. At that time we were permitted to serve only the salaried (not hourly) employees at the Oak Brook office, several district sales offices and salaried construction personnel in Hillside, NJ and Houston, TX and their immediate family members living under the same roof, of Chicago Bridge and Iron, now known worldwide as CB&I. To become a member, you had to make a $5 deposit for your one par share of the credit union but it could be made in monthly installments of not less than 25 cents over a 2-year period.

    In 3 short months, we grew to 114 members with over $7,000 in shares and almost $3000 in loans.  This is the core of our “People Helping People” philosophy and how it all began! Throughout the rest of the 60’s we expanded our charter to include Copeland Process and the research facility in Plainfield, Illinois.

    In the 1970’s we continued to grow, in 1973 we had $496,000 in shares and $471,000 in loans. Don’t worry we began building reserves right away and have remained a healthy credit union for our duration of 55 years! We amended our charter to include Chicago Bridge And Iron Company, Company limited, Fibre making, Walker Process and retirees of all these companies.

    In the 1980’s, we changed our name to CBI Oak Brook Federal Credit Union expanded our charter again to include all salaried employees of CBI Industries and its majority owned subsidiaries and their retirees and immediate family members living under the same roof. We hired a second employee to the payroll to better serve our members.

    • We added Share Draft checking accounts to allow for easier access to the monies on deposit
    • Added VISA Credit Cards as these were growing quickly in popularity as an easy way to pay!

    In 1983, we had grown to $3.7 million in member share accounts and $1.2 million in loans

    In the 1990’s we changed our name to CBI Federal Credit Union as the Oak Brook facility was no longer the base or operations for the credit union nor for CBI. We expanded our charter to include all employees of all CBI companies and their wholly owned subsidiaries and retirees and immediate family members that no longer had to be living under the same roof! We adopted the philosophy “Once a member, always a member” meaning members no longer had to terminate their credit union membership when they left their employment at CBI. 

    • We launched our first website
    • We introduced ATM cards
    • We began to offer First Mortgage Loans in 1993
    • We held over $13.9 million in member share accounts and $5.9 million in loans.

    By the end of the 1990’s we had 4 salaried employees to run the day to day operations of the credit union.

    Then Y2K and the new millennium rolled in with all the work and worry behind us.

    • We could now focus on updating our website and adding Online Banking and Bill Pay.
    • We joined the Shared Branching network which gives our members access to live tellers nationwide and in a few parts of the world.
    • We introduced our cu Check Card so members could pay through VISA right from their share Draft Checking accounts.
    • We increased the par value of one share from the original $5 to the more standard $25 and it is required at the time of application in full. 

    In 2003 - 40 years after our inception we had $13.6 million in member shares and over $3.9 million in loans.

    As the new millennium carries on we continue to strive to meet and exceed our members expectations.

    • We have once again overhauled our website and we have expanded our charter to include Lutech Resource employees working on CB&I job sites.
    • We began branching out from our Plainfield location and started participating in the CBI Health fairs to offer our services to CB&I employees in Texas and Louisiana. All CB&I employees are eligible to join and we will continue to spread the word.

    In 2013, we celebrated our 50th Anniversary with over $16.8 million in member shares and $5.7 million in loans.

    We are a small credit union with a lot of benefits and we hope we can exceed your expectations while serving you.  As we are a non-for-profit institution all member are owners. Our Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, and Credit committee members are (or were) all fellow CB&I employees or family members; that volunteer their time to allow us to continue to provide the employees of CB&I this employee benefit. 

    In 2017- We serve over 2100 members that have entrusted us with over $18.2 million in member share accounts and we currently have over $13.1 million in loans. Its been an exciting 55 years, please join us in growing for the next 55!



    Enroll Online With Our Virtual Branch Application

    For the best experience, use the most recent versions available for browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome. Members that try to log in without a compatible browser might be redirected to a website to download a new version of the browser.